October 31, 2013

"Blue Dog"

"Blue Dog"   8" x 8"   Oil on panel  2013

The SPCA is packed with pit bull terriers. Not because they are bad dogs, but because the breed has been deemed "dangerous" by the Maryland State legislators.  Oh, wait...I think I was recently on this soapbox. 
I had a hard time thinking of a name for this painting.  Sadly, I hadn't noted this pup's name when I was there but his soulful eyes speak volumes.  I'm sure he is wondering, "Where am I?  What's happening?  Where are mom and dad?"  Poor boy.  I call it "Blue Dog" because he is sad and blue.  He brought to mind a brown version of George Rodrigue's Blue Dog paintings:
 In the end, his expressive eyes named the piece for me.  If you're not familiar with the story of the Blue Dog, he's on a quest to get back to his owner.  This pit was on a quest to find his perfect family -- one I hope he's achieved.